My story


I still remember the last minutes of 2018... it was EXACTLY 5 minutes before going into 2019, I wrote on my phone that this year would be the best year ever, my current past years had been the worse of my life and only God and me know what I went through. the note has been there and I haven't touched it I told myself I would look back at it in 2020 and see what I accomplished. short long story I got pregnant at a young age I was only 18... I was lost and confused because I had a lot of plans ahead of me .. like continuing college , BE SOMEONE SUCCESFUL. I thought me becoming a young mom would stop me from accomplishing a lot of things... little did I know I needed my son to motivate myself. To be strong and over come things that life, people would trow at me in the upcoming years.... when I went to my sons first appointment I heard his heart beat and my life completely turned around and I fell in love with him right away. No matter how young I was, he showed me what real love is. But as I mentioned I always saw myself being someone in life. At some point I was in a really dark place being a home stay mom felt different to me, I felt useless and I knew I was capable of alot more.

On April 5th, 2019 (my birthday month aswell) I launched my store I was currently 20 years starting my online store. Ive always felt like im capable of a lot. I always had that spark in me and even though no one saw my vision, I knew there was something there. One day I woke up and decided to use my Mac Pro.... that got us in debt because I had got it at the worse time (we didn't have the money for it) but I made the best of it and I picked it up and searched "how to start my own business"  I promised myself I would do something for myself and my family and starting my online store has been the most stressful , but greatest gift ever. Im so excited to see where this takes me... TBH my boutique has a lot of meaning to me it took me out of a really dark place, it makes me feel alive and useful So please bare with me & I give all the glory to God For all my blessings that will come my way. MY BUSINESS got me out of depression, crazy thoughts that I was fighting with, during problems I've had in my personal life, it has helped me kept my mind busy. YOU GIRLS are my peace and my blessings. 


I felt so alone back then, now I have friends all over the world. I've never met. But I no longer feel alone, I have alot of girls I can talk to, you girls have been there when I was at my lowest... & I had zero friends, zero followers. IT was all just a dream and now its real life .....❤️